Empire of Sunan

Language: Ansuna

Capital: Haim Sunan

Other Notable Cities: Yeshu

Provinces: Darukem, Hashassa, Heintrad, Netaraia, Rom Iloh, Suna Lumaia, Temoku


The Empire of Sunan is a vast military and cultural hegemony exerted by the nation-state of Haim Sunan. Presently covering nearly half of Ruus and possessing the largest standing army in the world, Sunan has been considered the dominant world superpower for the last two centuries—though in recent years Brindia has presented a legitimate challenge to this station. Commonly considered to have been founded with the conquest of Rom Iloh six hundred years ago, it was not until 3E219 that the Tyrant of Haim Sunan declared her nation’s territory an imperium and herself Empress thereof.

A campaign of conquest by Emperor Faraghan III from 3E288-304 doubled the empire’s territorial holdings by conquering neighbors Netaraia, Temoku and Darukem, but difficulties in holding that territory led to the policy of Dixio Kivitas, “rule of the state”. Under this doctrine the empire was reorganized into provinces according to traditional sovereignty, granting authority to existing local institutions in exchange for tribute. Even the Ilohim, mostly integrated into the Suna culture by this point, were allowed to form a government. Freed from the crippling logistical limitations of the centralized dictatorship which characterized history’s earlier empires, Sunan was able to extend its borders far into the east and south, while simultaneously joining the colonial movement by founding settlements on distant shores to claim precious natural resources and slaves.

Though profitable and powerful in its heyday, the mighty empire is beginning to creak and groan in its old age. Increasingly unruly activity in distant provinces has proved impossible for local authorities to contain, requiring military response from reigning Emperor Avinosuna. But so vast is Sunan’s territory that the infantry is perpetually marching, only to find that the enemy has melted away into the forests when it arrives. Avinosuna has made a priority of building a network of railways to interconnect the far-flung provinces of the empire, which would allow him to move the infantry around freely—but many provincial nobles see this as a critical threat to their local authority and work to delay (or even sabotage) the grand project. Many scholars within and without note a growing sense of entitlement amongst the empire’s citizens; a sizeable and growing middle class is well-fed enough, well-educated enough and safe enough to question why they need Haim Sunan at all.

Empire of Sunan

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