Ranger (Archer)

Ability Scores Value Mod
Strength (STR) 16 +3
Constitution (CON) 11 0
Dexterity (DEX) 17 +3
Intelligence (INT) 10 0
Wisdom (WIS) 15 +2
Charisma (CHA) 9 -1
Defenses Value
Armor Class ?
Fortitude 13
Reflex 13
Will 12
Vitals Value
Hit Points 23
Bloodied Value 11
Healing Surge Value 5
Healing Surges Per Day 6
Hit Points Per Level 5
Armor Proficiency: Hide
Armor Proficiency: Leather
Defensive Mobility (Archer Fighting Style bonus feat)
Improved Initiative
Weapon Proficiency: Military Melee
Weapon Proficiency: Military Ranged
Weapon Proficiency: Simple Melee
Weapon Proficiency: Simple Ranged
Skills Related Ability Base Bonus Training 1/2 Level Total
Acrobatics DEX +3 +3
Athletics STR +3 +3
Bluff CHA -1 +5 +4
Diplomacy CHA -1 -1
Endurance CON 0 +5 +5
First Aid WIS +2 +2
History INT 0 +5 +5
Insight WIS +2 +2
Intimidate CHA -1 -1
Mechanisms DEX +3 +5 +8
Medicine INT 0 +5 +5
Perception WIS +2 +5 +7
Protocol CHA -1 -1
Religion INT 0 0
Science INT 0 0
Sleight of Hand DEX +3 +3
Stealth DEX +3 +5 +8
Survival WIS +2 +5 +7
Origin (speculative and based upon investigation by character; one of the following):

He calls himself Bemmin, since that is the lone name that he can recall. It was his halting answer when someone asked his name 3 months ago. The first memory that he has is of his wandering the streets of Yeshu holding a stone in his left hand. In the brief time that has followed he has pieced together all of what he knows of his history. Shop keepers have told him that they saw him (and only him) walking past on his “day zero”, but usually nothing more detailed than that. The lone exception was a fish monger who recalled quite clearly that Bemmin was wearing a leather coat with a gilded symbol on the shoulder. The vendor remarked that he remembered this because he had never seen its like before. This coat is no longer in Bemmin’s possession. The only items (other than nondescript clothing) that he retains are a roundish, smooth stone approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter, and small piece of cloth on which the fish monger drew the symbol that was on the coat. On the stone are some oddly familiar markings that he cannot decipher. He was clutching it firmly in his left hand when he “came to” on his day zero.


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