• Dinroel Parem

    Dinroel Parem

    When the Stone may sing from all four corners of the globe, I will rest. For now there is work to be done.
  • Eonan Trasa

    Eonan Trasa

    Pardon me, so sorry to trouble you, but it appears you're trampling these poor savages' culture.
  • Grahm Utas

    Grahm Utas

    It's not that I like killing, exactly; it's more that I like spending the coin I get paid for it.
  • Hanu


    I have heard it said that Nature abhors a vacuum. It is true; there is no place in this world for men with empty souls.
  • Iridore


    A little bird told me I would cross the ocean and face great hardship to listen to the story of a silent stone. Who am I to argue?
  • Jaal Frindam

    Jaal Frindam

    Whatsoever the Stone may require of me, I shall give gladly, for these bloody hands are the price of my admission to Paradise.
  • Kamaran Intaro

    Kamaran Intaro

    Don't threaten me, sir. I've been three months without a decent cup of coffee and can set your shanty town ablaze with a thought.
  • Lyesa


    No more funny jokes, mister? Not so fucking clever with a shiv in yer kidney, is ya?
  • Pan Makeras

    Pan Makeras

    Freedom, sure, freedom's great for some. But take it from me: most just want to be told where to go and what to do.
  • Ruvas Wessa

    Ruvas Wessa

    Faith is my armor; I swear by the Stone, no harm shall come to my charges while I draw breath.
  • Suulashastam Nas

    Suulashastam Nas

    While I walk this land, I am master of it. You may have it back when I am done.
  • Zem Kharak Ra

    Zem Kharak Ra

    Had enough? I will tell you when I've had enough. Fill it to the top this time.