The New World Beckons

Two mighty nations stand opposed in the east: Brindia, the tumultuously progressive monarchy; and Sunan, the stoic, traditionalist empire. A fragile cease-fire is enforced by the authority of Asticar, the college of mages, but the rivalry still burns brightly as these expansionist powers race to claim newfound wealth in west.

Leise, the new world: discovered by explorers centuries ago but long dismissed as worthless, lacking as it is in the faintest echo of the telltale stonesong. But costly pacification wars in the south have depleted the superpowers of more mundane resources like lumber, copper, tin and iron; these the new world has in abundance.

As the superpowers clash, crushing native populations between them, an ancient mystery will be exposed to the light of day. It is a question, a puzzle, the solution to which will change the world forever. The future will rest in the hands of a few unassuming travelers; as the final snowflake determines the path of the avalanche, so will these unlikely heroes chart the course of history.

Dead Rock is a Dungeons & Dragons 4E campaign with a unique setting for 3-5 players.

Dead Rock

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